Angus & Brangus

The cows behind our premium organic beef

4J cow side close up

Did you know that our 4J cows go through a strict health protocol? Similar to a person taking vitamins for improved health and well-being, cattle go through an organic mineral program to ensure our cows grow into the premium organic lean beef that our customers love! But essential nutrients are nothing without exercise, a healthy diet, and rest. 

We are proud that we offer the best organic premium beef in the West Texas area and it all starts with our 4J cattle! Our Angus & Brangus are healthier because of the attention and care we take concerning their day-to-day life, diet, and exercise.

close up of 4j black cow

The cattle are free ranch cattle, grain-, and grass-fed cattle. Not being fenced in and corralled does wonders for the cattle and we get the benefits of less total fat than conventional beef from them roaming to their content grazing from the field and controlling vegetation. They are also on an antibiotic and hormone-free with no pesticide residue in their diet when fed organic grain. They have access to shade and clean freshwater. We make sure all of 4J’s cattle prosper and the cows seemed to really enjoy this lifestyle!

4j cow close up

This results in 4J Prosperity producing a superior product for their customers. Organic, grain-fed beef is almost unheard of in our current marketplace. That is the secret behind our organic premium beef. Lots of work managing their diet and making sure we give them a low-stress-free environment. We do not stop there though, we are always looking to improve the way of life for our 4J happy cows!