Let’s Talk About Us

Cullen Johnson, the first “J” in 4J Prosperity (the others being his wife Melissa and daughters Kennady and Kate), could easily be called a cow man.  Cullen has been around cattle all his life, having grown up on a farm outside of Granbury, Texas.

When Cullen started raising his own cattle, he had one goal in mind…he wanted to raise what he calls “happy cows.”  When his friend Seth Fortenberry, a local organic farmer, contacted him with an idea, he jumped at it.

After Seth harvested an organic crop, Cullen would move his cattle to that field to glean the field and control vegetation.  No one was really doing that, but the two were excited to discover what effect being pasture-raised and grain-fed would have on the cattle.  Just as they had predicted, the health of the cattle improved, and the free-range, grain- and grass-fed cattle seemed to really enjoy their lifestyle.


IMG 3130 1 scaled
4J happy cows

What About The Cattle?

4J’s cattle are happy for many reasons: they aren’t confined; they are on a strict health protocol which includes an organic mineral program (like a human taking vitamins for improved health and well-being); and they live in a low pressure, low-stress environment.  They have access to shade and clean, freshwater.  They are outside in the sun and loving life!

All of 4J’s cattle prosper from this lifestyle.  They are antibiotic and hormone free with no pesticide residue in their diet.  When the cattle prosper, people prosper. 

4J Prosperity is producing a superior product for their customers.  Organic, grain-fed beef is almost unheard of in our current marketplace.

close up of horse
wide shot of 4j ranch
wide shot of 4j ranch