Regenerative Agriculture

regenerative agriculture graphic of how 4J Prosperity develops organic products

Regenerative agriculture is one of the many practices that make our organic premium beef stand above the rest. The system is cyclical, making the entire system better by allowing each part rely on the other. Starting with good quality and adding little to no chemicals leads to healthier soil, capable of producing high quality, nutrient dense food while simultaneously improving, rather than degrading land. This ultimately leads to productive crops and healthy economies, namely for the cattle. It is a dynamic and holistic, incorporating organic farming practices, including conservation tillage and crop rotation to increase food production and maintain high quality topsoil.

With each part of the agriculture system at its best quality, the whole system benefits. Just ask our cattle!

started from the bottom…

From the ground up

The added CO2 makes the fields richer in nutrients resulting in better crops. These crops then need fewer to no chemicals which return a better harvest and organic grain! Now we can move on to the next step in the regenerative agriculture process.

west texas wheat
farmer holding up west texas organic grain

good in

Organic grain


After harvesting from the fields, we now have our organic grain. The natural food source is perfect for the livestock to glean from resulting in healthy organic fed 4J cows!

good out

A healthy cow is a happy cow


When livestock is allowed to roam the fields after a harvest they become better from consuming natural food sources and return much needed CO2 back into the fields. 

close up of 4j cows